long and wide board flooring system

We picked eight universal shapes from the infinite choices of nature, eight shapes which fit perfectly together, creating the most natural floor possible. Yours.




We have prepared special set of coatings for   EU market  US market




autumn bronze



fine oak

graphite light

ice age

mist oak


santa fe


smoked oak

victory oak

washed oak

You can always buy raw boards and make your jobsite custom finish

Nature’s Fit™

Thanks to our proprietary Nature’s Fit™ technology, we have preserved the 8 forms most true to the way they grew in nature. And for every Curv8 floor, raw boards are selected to fit one of these eight forms.

Curv8 patented modular technology retains the tree’s original shape and grain lines, allowing material to be utilized in an eco-friendly manner and making pattern repetition unnoticeable.

Each Curv8 module matches perfectly with every other Curv8 module, making an endless repeating pattern possible.

Modules are packaged in individual cartons for easier installation.

Do It Yourself

Curv8 board is 11,7mm (0.46″) thick with 3,2mm (0.12”) noble timber wear layer and has bevels, tongue and groove on all four sides.

Engineered Natural grade Oak
Board length: 1810mm/ 71.26”
Board width: about 220mm/ about 8.66”

One Curv8 A module contains 8 boards and covers 2.8m2 (30sf) with an option to purchase 1.4m2 (15sf)
B module to minimise waste. The shipped A module package is 1820mm x 250mm (71.65” x 9.84"), with
a height of 98mm (3.85"). One packaged A module weighs 23kg (50lb).

Curv8 boards are never cut from straight planks.

Installing Curv8 is easy.

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